Odin is the name of the project and software
that allows users to run Win32 applications OS/2.
Conceptually, Odin is to OS/2 what Wine is to Linux.

Special Information About This Clone

As you can see below, this clone maps to a special branch at Netlabs.
The reason for this is that this special branch is meant to extend Odin
with functionality to enable porting the Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit
to OS2, for which the projects will emerge here.

The porting of SWT is done by mapping
the Eclipse SWT-Win32 variant to the Odin32 sub-system.
This is the same method as was used to port Java6 JRE and JDK to OS/2.
Such ports are called *Odin Based* and are native OS/2 applications.

Odin is the *pivot* project

Special Odin Downloads

Builds of this special branch
will appear here in the near future and their installation
will not interfere with stock Odin.

Developer Notes

This project is *not* a fork of the original Netlabs project.
It is a *clone* done with git-svn with the purpose to be able
to use Git Branching for testing and feature additions.
The bi-directional mapping is:
github:project~master <-> netlabs:project~branches/swt

Reporting Problems

The preferred way is through Netlabs Track,
and you can create a new ticket using the following link:
Report a problem on Netlabs Trac
(note: you need to be logged-in to netlabs to create a ticket)

But, before you report a new problem,
please check if the problem you are about to report
was not already reported by somebody else:
View existing problem reports on Netlabs Trac

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