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This site hosts
contributions to projects that
can be easily built and run on the
next OS/2 distribution
and with some more effort on
legacy OS/2

Git doggy, Git !

I even use Git to
*fetch* today's newspaper... ;)
So, needless to say I am very fond of it.

Traditional OS/2 development however,
revolves around SVN and incremental linear commits.
This method does not satisfy my development needs and has,
until now, held me back from publishing contributions.

With this GitHub site I can now publish regular contributions
as well as experimental stuff on separate branches which can
be easily merged and pushed to the official OS/2 SVN repositories.

** Kudos to the developers who ported Git to OS/2 **

About the netlabs.* projects you see above

Nope, these projects are *not* forks !

They are projects of which I am the maintainer
or projects I am interested in experimenting with or contributing to.

For the projects I maintain I periodically merge stuff
in a local GitSvn (trunk) branch, which I then push to Netlabs.

For the projects of which I am not the maintainer,
the real maintainer is free to integrate anything of interest
and commit that to Netlabs under her or his own username.

Because I also periodically rebase the netlabs.* projects,
any changes made by the true maintainer find their way back here.

Our name is OHM, for we are few

While our OS/2 Developer Community
consists of some very,very skillful members,
the fact remains that we are few.

With that in mind,
I have also been working on some stuff
that aims to enhance our development capabilities
on the long run.

This stuff is hosted at a separate site
and if you're interested, you can have a look here.

Highly Advanced Attack Vectors

Moms these days
really know their stuff...

Work in Progress

Please note that this site is
*** under construction ***
and is still much in a developing stage.